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The dplR library is hosted on CRAN and can be run in RStudio and RStudio-Server (in browser).


Perform tree-ring analyses such as detrending, chronology building, and crossdating. Read and write standard file formats used in dendrochronology.


The R language and programming environment is now commonly used in dendrochronology. R is the world's preeminent open-source statistical computing software and its power can be harnessed for tree-ring science through the contribution of add-on packages which are freely available on the internet. The R version of openDendro's codebase is contained in the package dplR.



The latest, stable, release version of dplR can be installed from The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) as follows:


This is the officially released version of dplR.

Develoment Version

The code here on GitHub is the version of dplR that is currently being developed. It might be unstable.

You can install the development version using r-universe.

install.packages("dplR", repos = "")

Alternatively, the development version can be installed from the source code with the devtools package.


Because dplR includes both C and Fortran code, you will need the appropriate compilers installed on your system to build from source.

Getting Started

New users of dplR can begin by working with the introductory chapters in Learning to Love dplR which contains instructional material for using dplR.

Users interested in crossdating should visit the xDater app.