At its core, openDendro features a comprehensive set of tools inspired by the Dendrochronology Program Library (DPL) created by Richard Holmes, a renowned tree-ring scientist who recognized the quantitative potential of dendrochronology at an early stage. While not an exact replication, openDendro offers equivalent functionalities through the dplPy package for Python and dplR package for R. These packages also incorporate various tools found in Ed Cook's ARSTAN program suite. It is worth noting that Cook's groundbreaking work in the development and maintenance of ARSTAN has been instrumental in propelling dendrochronology forward, and without it, progress in the field would have been significantly hindered.

Additionally, we have developed a selection of user-friendly apps for tree-ring analysis, which are based on the dplR package. These apps provide a more streamlined experience for specific applications within dendrochronology.

To facilitate accessibility, we have made the source code of ARSTAN and other programs written in the FORTRAN programming language available for interested researchers.

Last update: 2023-12-04